About Us

Make 99 Inc.

Established in 2018, Make99 is now a licensed (MDEL15330) local manufacturer of disposable medical masks (3ply level III) that have been fully certified.

Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Make99 is a Calgarian local business that strives to provide PPE and medical devices of exceptional quality and variety of Non-Medical products to Canadians.

Meanwhile, MAKE99 is a medical device importer who works as an exclusive general agent bringing licensed PPEs of good quality from oversea to Canadian market.

As a Calgary based manufacturer of disposable medical mask, medical device importer as well as PPE provider, MAKE99 has been committed to providing a one-stop shopping for customer's convenience. The safety and comfort of the products we provide to Canadians and paramedics are our top priorities.MAKE 99 INC.