A.V Fistula Needle Set Package

A.V Fistula Needle Set Package

Unavailable at the moment, coming soon. Interested customers are welcome to contact us directly.

A.V Fistula Needles set are indicated for use in conjunction with connector of Hemodialysis blood tubing set.

Ultra wall and siliconized fistula needle with or without back eye.

It is available for fixed and rotating wing.

Clear and kink-resistant tube fitted with female luer lock and pinch clamp



  • Superior sharpness needle
  • Wing is designed to be easily hold tight and firm
  • Non-DEHP tubing, Non-pyrogenic and Non-toxic.


  • Thin wall and siliconized needle Pliable and extremely elastic tubing Oval back eye.
  • Color coded wings is available for Luer Connector with finger grip Available in twin Packs
  • Superior needle sharpness and colorful Clamp are available
  • Standard Packing: 100pcs/5boxes/carton


  • Gauge: 15Gx1, Tube Length: 15cm/30cm, Wing Type: Fixed/Rotating
  • Gauge: 16Gx1 & 1 1/4, Tube Length: 15cm/30cm. Wing Type: Fixed/Rotating
  • Gauge: 17Gx1, Tube Length: 15cm/30cm, Wing Type: Fixed/Rotating



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