Fora 6 Connect Ketone Kit (With 100 Ketone Strips)

Fora 6 Connect Ketone Kit (With 100 Ketone Strips)

Unavailable at the moment, coming soon. Interested customers are welcome to contact us directly.

Fora 6 Connect Monitor is one device that measures both blood glucose and blood ketone levels. The Ketone Strip Bundle offers 100 pcs of blood ketone test strips and 100 pcs of sterile lancets. Track your results with the free-to-download iFORA HM (Health Management) App.



  • 1 Fora 6 Connect Monitor
  • 1 Lancing Device
  • 2 x 50 pcs = 100 pcs of Fora 6 Blood Ketone Test Strips (exp. March 2022)
  • 100 pcs Fora Lancets
  • 1 Protective Wallet

Fora 6 Monitor’s Features:

  • Only 0.5 microL sample for blood glucose measurements (display in mmol/L)
  • 0.8 microL sample for blood ketone (display in mmol/L)
  • 1000 reading memory capacity
  • Bluetooth Connectivity for upload on the iFORA HM App
  • Gold test strips for enhanced accuracy


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