Fora TN’G Pulse Oximeter

Fora TN’G Pulse Oximeter

Unavailable at the moment, coming soon. Interested customers are welcome to contact us directly.

FORA TN’G Fingertip Pulse Oximeter features a portable, easy-to-use design that lets you take a quick measurement wherever you go. Upload and track your progress with the iFORA Smart App on your smartphone.



  • Pulse rate and Oxygen Saturation
  • Clamp-on, wireless design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Rotating, LCD screen
  • iFORA MP/iFORA Smart App for results tracking


  • 0% to 100% Pulse oximetry range
    • 100% ~ 80% ±2%
      79% ~ 70% ±3%
  • 30-250 BPM Heart beat range
  • Low energy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Two AAA batteries


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