Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set

Unavailable at the moment, coming soon. Interested customers are welcome to contact us directly.

Perfect Medical Produces dialysis blood line tubing set consist of arterial and venous lines, used during dialysis and are attached with A.V.fistula and dialyzer.

Arterial blood tubing: The portion of the tubing set that transports blood from the patient to the hemodialyzerf inlet port

Venous blood tubing: The portion of the tubing set transports blood from the hemodialyzer outliet port back to the patient



  • Medical Grade PVC Tubing
  • Various Diameter and type for different machines is available
  • Pump Segment for Conventional and high flow rates
  • It is easy to handle and kink-resistant tubing
  • Non-DEHP, Non-pyrogenic and Non-toxic.


  • Pump Segment: 6.6×9.8mm & 8x12mm
  • Chamber: 22 / 30mm
  • Main Tube: 4.6×6.8mm
  • Accessory: Pillow, Transducer Protector, IV Set, Drainage Bag – one way, two way
  • Standard Packing: 24sets/carton


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